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Need move out or move in cleaning?

Moving is such an exhausting pain!

Move In Move Out Service-Jordan West Cleaning Service

Even if you’re excited about your new home, moving is utterly exhausting.

After hours and hours of sorting, packing, labeling, lifting, and hauling, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning, especially if you can’t find the cleaning products…or the vacuum…or the mop in all the moving chaos. (Happens all the time.)

Don’t take the risk of forfeiting your rental deposit or jeopardizing the sale of your home because you don’t have the time or energy to leave your former place squeaky clean. For a very reasonable fee, we’ll take that worry off your mind completely. Call us at 385-330-4220 or fill out the form to the right for an absolutely free quote…and a special bonus offer for new customers.

Before Move In Move Out Service-Jordan West Cleaning Service

Before:  Eeeeeeew!

After Move In Move Out Service-Jordan West Cleaning Service

After:  Ahhhhhh!

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Other people's germs and crud???

You know one of the worst things about moving? Moving all your awesome personal belongings in on top of someone else’s crud. It’s so gross!

Even if it appears the previous occupants left the home relatively clean on the surface, there’s no telling what germs and nastiness they left behind, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Why take a chance with the health and wellbeing of your family? Think of the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing our team of professional cleaners dealt with the former occupant’s dirt and germs with non-toxic steam and green cleaning products.

Let us sanitize your new home so you can have peace-of-mind and a fresh place to make new memories.

​See our Covid-19 cleaning precautions here.

Moving is so stressful! Give yourself a break and skip the tiresome cleaning

When you look at what you’ll save in terms of time, energy, and frustration, can you really afford not to have the professionals at West Jordan Cleaning Service take care of your move in and move out housekeeping?

Hiring us to do your move-in or move-out cleaning is the simplest way to bring down the stress level of your move.

Let us manage all your move-related cleaning so you can have the easiest and most satisfying move possible.

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